Screenshot of one of our first live-streamed preprint journal clubs in 2018

Live-streamed preprint journal clubs are topic-centered, interactive preprint journal clubs that are live-streamed via a video-conference tool such as Zoom.

Core to PREreview's mission is increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in scholarly peer review. The live-streamed preprint journal clubs allow structured and constructive discussions following guided discussion questions that encourage diverse methods of participation. Through these events, we strive to support and empower the voices of our fellow researchers who have historically been underrepresented in scholarship and who are in the beginning stages of their research careers.

Who participates?

  • Two facilitators from our team with experience in hosting live preprint journal clubs
  • A topic expert (optional) to guide participants through a constructive discussion
  • Preprint authors (optional) to gather live feedback on their preprint
  • Researchers who join from all over the world to collaborate on improving a preprint, build their network, and meet globally-renowned experts

What are the event outputs?

After the call, our team works with the journal club participants interested in authoring the review to summarize the discussion into a full PREreview that is then published on PREreview. The reviewers will be listed as review authors using either their real name or their PREreview pseudonym persona. In some cases, the review resulting from the call is integrated into the journal-organized peer review process—e.g., a PREreview included as reviewer #3 in the eLife peer review process on a bioRxiv preprint.

Who has joined us before?

We have previously collaborated with PLOS, who partnered with us to run three such events during OAWeek in 2018, JMIR Publications who partnered with us to run a COVID-19 focused virtual journal club on April 14, and eLife who partnered with us to run a 5-series preprint journal club from June through October 2020.

As of September 2021, we are officially collaborating with JMIR Publications to run 25 live-streamed preprint journal club as part of the peer review process offered to authors submitting their work to JMIRx. Read more about this work here.

Ready for your own preprint journal club?

To request our support to run a live-streamed preprint journal club, you can email us at

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