The PREreview platform is a free website for the crowdsourcing of preprint reviews. It's where we hope our community members will find a welcoming, resourceful space to compose, read, endorse and comment on preprint reviews. The source code is openly available under MIT license on our organization's GitHub.

In a nutshell, registered users on PREreview are able to:

  • Request a review on a preprint
  • Fill out and submit a rapid review—12 yes/no/not sure/n.a. questions designed to capture the essence of the preprint
  • Compose a long-form review on a preprint, alone or in collaboration with other reviewers
  • Comment on others’ reviews
  • Endorse others’ reviews via Plaudit
  • Report others’ reviews as violating our Code of Conduct
  • Engage and with communities

Anyone who lands on the page can:

  • Search for preprints that have reviews or requests for reviews on our site
  • Read and sort through aggregated rapid reviews next to the preprint
  • Read and sort through long-form reviews next to the preprint

A more detailed list of website features will be available soon on this page.

For any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at To report a bug, please email Thank you!