Hello and thank you for joining us for this week’s platform update from PREreview.org!

What’s new at PREreview?

We’ve added OpenAlex fields and subfields to help tag and find PREreviews that are relevant to you. We’ve also added a language filter, where you can find PREreviews written in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What’s next?

We’ll add a search field to the list of published PREreviews, so you’ll be able to find them by things like author and title.

Afterwards, we’ll begin planning more localization and translation work beginning with Portuguese and Spanish.

Let us know what you think

Schedule a user research interview with Product Manager Chad Sansing to share your feedback on our new ORCID integration and multiple-authors workflow! Click here to sign up for a chat at your convenience to let us know how PREreview.org works best for you. If you can’t find an available appointment time that fits your schedule, please email Chad to arrange a call. Whenever possible, we compensate interviewees.

Remember that you can also share your ideas on the #community-feedback channel of our community Slack.

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