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Exciting news! Our newest request-a-review feature is now live on! Authors and other stakeholders in need of feedback can now request reviews of their preprints directly through our homepage, as well as through our COAR Notify Protocol integrations with bioRxiv and SciELO and our community Slack. (You can read more about our previous request-a-review work here.)

We’re delighted to offer another avenue for matchmaking between preprint authors (and other stakeholders in need of feedback) and our community of reviewers who are passionate about open preprint review.

Community members who are not on Slack or who prefer to use can now request reviews of preprints directly through a workflow on The workflow should seem familiar to reviewers on our site.

To request a review, you’ll log into as usual, hit the new request-a-review button.

A screenshot showing the new request-a-review button on
Check out the new request-a-review button on

Then you'll enter its DOI and confirm your request.

A screenshot showing a preprint's DOI tin's request-a-review interface
Enter a preprint's DOI to request a review of it

A screenshot showing a confirmed request on
A confirmed request on

Next, you 'll choose which of your profiles - the public or pseudonymous one - that you’d like to use to make your request.

A screenshot of a user choosing their public or pseudonymous profile to request a review on
You can request a review with your public or pseudonymous profile on

After that, you’ll double-check and submit your request to the site, and will confirm your request.

A screenshot showing how to double-check a request for review on
You can double-check your request before you make it

A screenshot showing a confirmed request for review on will confirm your request

Once we receive your request, we’ll share it as a "recent review request" on and we’ll send your request to our Slack community, as well. By sharing requests across both channels, we hope to increase the likelihood of successful matchmaking between requests and reviewers.

A screenshot displaying the 5 most recent review requests on
Recent review requests now appear on the homepage of

We’ll also pull anonymized requests from Slack into our new “Reviews” page so that regardless of which platform you use - the website, our Slack community, or both - you can find and respond to all the requests made by authors and other stakeholders who could use help from our community of reviewers who are passionate about open, peer preprint review.

A screenshot displaying the new Requests page on that lists all requests chronologically
The new Requests page will bring all recent review requests together

If you have any questions or feedback about requesting a review on, let us know! You can email us at, comment on the #community-feedback channel of our Slack, or schedule a user research interview with Product Manager Chad Sansing at your convenience.

Stay connected

We’ll keep up with all of your requests and reviews to work out any issues that come up with the process and to best understand how our communities of authors, other stakeholders, and reviewers are connecting through our request-a-review features. You can get all the latest news about PREreview and new features like this one by subscribing to our newsletter and joining our Slack community.

Check out the new request-a-review feature and “Reviews” page today to find the next preprint you’d like to review on!

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Chad Sansing lives and works in central Virginia. When he’s not gaming, reading, walking, or spending time with family, you can find him working on alongside trusty officemate and chief canine officer, Sleepy the Dog.