The PREreview Champions Program is a cohort program running for 6 months between February and July 2024 aimed at empowering 20 exceptional community members to expand the mission of PREreview and better support systematically disadvantaged scientists around the world to engage in the peer review process. You can read more about the program goals, expectations, and benefits in our earlier post.

Champions were selected via an application process and we were overjoyed to receive so many excellent applications. The selection process was tough but we are thrilled to announce our first cohort and look forward to working closely with them over the coming months.

What motivated our Champions to apply?

“My motivation to become a PREreview Champion stems from a strong belief in the transformative power of open science and the crucial role that effective peer review plays in this ecosystem.”
“I think the PREreview movement is very needed in academia right now, and I'd like to integrate myself into it.”
“I believe that open peer review of preprints holds immense potential to revolutionize scientific communication and evaluation, and I aspire to actively contribute to this transformative movement.”
“My motivation to become a PREreview Champion stems from the urgent need to foster open and inclusive dialogue surrounding preprints in our scientific community.”
“I consider being a PREreview champion as a unique opportunity for fostering collaboration and driving forward openness and equity in science.”
“As a Sudanese and African woman coming from a community of disadvantaged researchers I understand and experienced the challenges disadvantaged researchers might be/are facing and that made me deeply committed to the exploration of innovative ideas and solutions to better improve the academic community and that's why I am applying to become a PREreview champion.”

Meet our 2024 Champions Cohort!

Image depicting the 20 photos and bios of the 2024 cohort of the PREreview Champions Program

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About the author(s)

Vanessa Fairhurst is the Community Manager at PREreview. She is based in Oxford, UK, and outside of campaigning for more equity in scholarly peer review, you can find her reading fantasy fiction, playing board games, and going for long walks by the river.