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What’s new at PREreview?

Big news! Next week we’ll launch our new ORCID integration, as well as a new, more automated process for adding multiple authors to a review when you’re ready to publish it.

We’re so excited to share these new features with you. Special thanks go out to ORCID for helping us develop this feature and to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for supporting our work.

Check back Tuesday for an announcement on the blog and for instructions on how to get started with these new capabilities on PREreview.org!

What’s next?

Up next: search and recommendations. There are a number of ways we’d like to enable search and recommendations on PREreview.org, and we’ll be going back to the notes from our community design sprints to help us prioritize where to begin with these oft-requested features.

Let us know what you think

Schedule a user research interview with Product Manager Chad Sansing to share your feedback on our new ORCID integration and multiple-authors workflow! Click here to sign up for a chat at your convenience to let us know how PREreview.org works best for you. If you can’t find an available appointment time that fits your schedule, please email Chad to arrange a call. Whenever possible, we compensate interviewees.

Remember that you can also share your ideas on the #community-feedback channel of our community Slack.

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