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Big news: can now write to ORCID! We’ve recently upgraded our ORCID membership so we can more fully credit your contributions to open, peer preprint review by sharing your public PREreviews to your ORCID profile.

“We support ORCID's mission to enable transparent connections between researchers and their scholarly contributions. Now, PREreviewers will have the option to identify themselves as PREreview authors and securely link their preprint review contributions to their ORCID profile. This adds incentive for community members seeking public recognition for their time and expertise applied to open preprint reviews.”
— Daniela Saderi, Co-founder and Executive Director, PREreview
“We are very pleased to welcome PREreview as a new member, and are excited about their rapid adoption and integration of ORCID. Using the PREreview platform, researchers can now link their open preprint reviews to their ORCID records, highlighting their academic service, reducing the effort required to manually maintain their profiles and allowing that data to be reused by any of the 5,400+ other systems that are interconnected with ORCID. This collaboration underscores our commitment to increasing value to researchers and helping them take credit for their scholarly contributions in the broadest sense.”
— Chris Shillum, Executive Director, ORCID

All PREreviewers now have the option of allowing PREreview, as a trusted organization, to automatically list your public preprint review activity to the Peer Review section of your ORCID profile. However, we will never connect or export your pseudonymous review activity in this way.

We’d like to thank ORCID for their support in developing and implementing this exciting new feature that will help us increase recognition for PREreviewers and their awesome work. We also thank the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for supporting this work.

What do I need to do?

The next time you log in to, visit your "My Details" page and click on "Connect ORCID profile." Then you’ll be prompted to allow to share your public review activity with ORCID. Once you've connected it, there's a "Disconnect ORCID profile" link on the page.

A screenshot from inviting a user to connect their review activity and their ORCID profile
Now you can connect your public PREreview activity with your ORCID profile.

If you opt-in, the next step is to give PREreview permission to add information to your ORCID profile. ORCID will show you a box to do so:

A screenshot from asking a user to allow PREreview to add to their profile
ORCID will now let you authorize to write your public review activity there.

If you opt-in to having PREreview recognize your work by writing your PREreview activity to your ORCID profile, please also be sure to log in to ORCID so you can make your Peer Review items viewable to everyone, rather than just to yourself.

A screenshot from demonstrating how to change the visibility of items in your record
Remember to make your peer review items visible on ORCID.

Again, PREreview will not connect your pseudonymous profile or activity with your public PREreview profile or ORCID ID.

Bonus feature

We’ve also added a new multiple-authors workflow for your collaborative reviews.

When you publish a PREreview, you’ll now be able to share with us the email addresses of co-authors who contributed to the work. After that, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll reach out to each author listed and ask if they’d prefer to use their public or pseudonymous profile on the PREreview. If they choose neither, they will remainsimply be listed as “1 other author.” Co-authors who choose their public profiles will be asked to authenticate their public PREreview name with ORCID to confirm their choice. Pseudonymous credits will never be publicly connected back to an author or their ORCID account.

Stay connected

We’ll continue monitoring and optimizing our new write-to-ORCID feature throughout the new year. Keep up with all the latest news about how we’re connecting with ORCID and learn about the rest of our work by subscribing to our newsletter and joining our Slack community.

We’re delighted to share your contributions to open, peer preprint review on ORCID!

About the author

Chad Sansing lives and works in central Virginia. When he’s not gaming, reading, walking, or spending time with family, you can find him working on alongside trusty officemate and chief canine officer, Sleepy the Dog.

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