Two researchers drawn in a cartoony style collaborate to write a review on a giant piece of paper. One stands below handing the other a beaker of liquid, and the other stands on a stool, pencil in hand, as if to write a review on a giant sheet of paper.
New updates to make it easier than ever for all researchers to publish preprint reviews. Illustration by Lorraine Chuen CC BY 4.0

For the past several months at PREreview, we’ve been collaborating with community members and design experts to refresh our homepage and make it easier than ever for all researchers to publish preprint reviews on Through a combination of collaborative sketching, design sprints, and user research interviews, we honed in on the most impactful work we could tackle to make better organized and more helpful than ever before for anyone authoring open peer preprint reviews online. While we have several other changes in the works, we’re ready to release our new homepage to support you in sharing timely, constructive feedback with preprint authors around the world.

Visit the site to check out these changes for yourself and share your feedback with us at!

PREreview red is back

The first thing you might notice is that we haven’t changed everything! PREreview red is back. is still your home for publishing helpful preprint reviews with a quick turn-around for appreciative authors.

This time, though, PREreview red isn’t alone. You’ll notice updated illustrations and new accent colors spotlighting important calls-to-action, key PREreview stats, and upcoming events (check back soon for this section). We’re excited to highlight all the up-to-date information you need to know with our new palette while maintaining our core visual identity as a community with PREreview red.

Better organization throughout

We’ve tightened up the structure of the page to make it easier - and clearer - than ever for all researchers to publish preprint reviews. From the giant “Review a preprint” at the top of the page to the cleaned up top navigation and footer, everything we’ve done organizationally is meant to help you find what you need faster and with more comfort and confidence on As you scroll down, you’ll find a much more intentional structure that more clearly communicates key information and helpful links to resources and key stakeholders like our funders and partners.

What’s next?

We’ll continue updating as we go based on the feedback we get from community members like you. We’re also using feedback from user research interviews and community design sprints to update our currently paused Rapid PREreview, community, and search features. Our plan is to have those features overhauled, tested, and released ahead of the 2023-204 academic year.

Stay connected

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