Screenshot from a Live-Streamed Preprint Journal Club run in collaboration with PLOS during OAWeek 2018.

Live-streamed preprint journal clubs are topic-centered, interactive preprint journal clubs that are live-streamed via a video-conference tool such as Zoom. These events are designed to be inclusive by allowing structured and constructive discussions around preprints and encouraging diverse methods of participation.

These virtual journal clubs are hosted by one or two facilitators from our team with experience in moderating video calls. Together with a subject matter expert on the preprint topic, they guide participants through constructive discussions of preprints following a structure modeled for each topic following this template, thereby making it easier to record and later collate feedback into a review.

Preprints are selected by researchers who request our support, or in collaboration with partner organizations (e.g., PLOS, who partnered with us to run three of these events during OAWeek in 2018, or JMIR Publications who partnered with us to run a COVID-19 focused virtual journal club on April 14).

Researchers—or anyone interested in joining the discussion—participate from across the world to collaborate on improving a preprint, build their network, and meet globally-renowned experts. Preprint authors are also invited to join and are asked to just observe and take note of the discussion until the designated discussion period with the author (unless asked a direct question from a participant). In previous events, we witnessed authors changing their analysis in real time to respond to a comment and sharing the output with everyone at the end of the call. It was a fantastic experience that demonstrates the future of scientific knowledge exchange!

After the call, our team works with participants who are interested in helping to collate the output of the discussion into a full report that is then openly shared on PREreview associated with a unique digital object identifier (DOI).

To request our support to run a virtual journal club, you can fill out this form or email us at