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The coronavirus epidemic has driven an unprecedented embrace of preprints, with more than 200 COVID-19 preprints posted across bioRxiv, medRxiv, and arXiv as of February 20. With the new and open-source platform Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview (https://outbreaksci.prereview.org), we can work together to quickly vet them and help others find the best science.  

We are asking you to lend your expertise by completing at least 3 rapid reviews on preprints within your area of expertise

Each review consists of 12 high-level yes/no questions. Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview launched last month, just before the coronavirus epidemic was declared a global emergency. Together we have a chance to increase the speed and effectiveness of science in the face of an epidemic.  

As the number of outbreak-related preprints continues to expand, please also consider giving us feedback and spreading the word about this project to help science progress faster when it REALLY matters!

Below is a CALL TO ACTION we would really appreciate if you could share with your networks and/or post on your department wall.

To give us FEEDBACK on the platform or let us know of missing features that would help your work with the outbreak, please email us at outbreaksci@prereview.org or fill out the anonymous feedback form available on the website.