Welcome to the September edition of the PREreview newsletter, where the winds of change are bringing fresh perspectives and exciting new possibilities! Read on to find out more about the big updates to prereview.org and a ton of ways to get involved this month.

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Announcing PREreview Clubs!

PREreview Clubs have launched! PREreview Clubs are collaborative preprint reviewing groups that form around a shared affiliation, affinity, interest, location, or any other common cause.

We’ve built our new PREreview Clubs with community feedback from design sprints, user research interviews, and collaboration with partners like ASAPbio and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

Anyone who wants to form a collaborative preprint reviewing group can ask to start a Club. You might start a PREreview Club based on affinity, geography, or language. You might also start a club for your class, lab, institution, or organization. You might even start a club for your friends who love collaborative preprint review!

Complete this form if you’d like to start a PREreview Club. We’ll get back in touch with you to describe the rest of the process, answer your questions, and make sure PREreview Clubs are a good fit for what you want to achieve.

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Join our next community design sprint!

This time, we’re focusing on how people discover content and search for it on PREreview.org. We’ve improved a lot this year, updating our design, review workflows, user profiles, and clubs. That’s a lot of new ground to cover when you want to search for something particular on the site. Help us identify what’s most important to you as a community member in terms of how people can find your work and how you can find others’ work on PREreview.org.

Click below to register for either design sprint - you only need to attend one to share your feedback with us. Whenever possible, we offer participants $100 USD in appreciation of their time and contributions.

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Peer Review Week Free Community Workshops

As part of Peer Review Week 2023, we are excited to offer two Open Reviewers workshops on September 25th. The workshop is a condensed version of the PREreview Open Reviewers Program.

You’ll learn how the PREreview platform works, how to define "bias" and how it shows up in scholarly peer review alongside strategies to self-assess and provide clear, constructive, and actionable feedback to manuscripts.

Registrations are on an individual basis and are limited to 30 participants. Please only register for one session.

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Participate in a collaborative review and be recognized for your efforts

Calling all neuroscience enthusiasts!

We will be hosting the fourth event in our community-based review pilot with Current Research in Neurobiology (CRNEUR) on September 22nd at 15:00 - 16:30 UTC (find your local time zone here).

Together we’ll be discussing this preprint:

‘Hearing loss in juvenile rats leads to excessive play fighting and hyperactivity, mild cognitive deficits and altered neuronal activity in the prefrontal cortex’ by Jonas Jelinek, Marie Johne, Mesbah Alam, Joachim K. Krauss, Andrej Kral, and Kerstin Schwabe
bioRxiv: https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.08.23.554422

Participants have the option to help author the final review and to be recognized for their efforts (with the option of remaining anonymous).

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eLife Early-Career Advisory Group (ECAG) Webinar: Six months of the new model

Are you an early career researcher? Then eLife want to hear from you on Wednesday, September 27, at 3pm (BST) / 10am (EDT) / 4pm (CEST).  Join an ECAG-led webinar for an update on the first six months of eLife’s new publishing model and to hear from an early-career author and reviewer about their experience.

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27 July - OASPA - Shaping the Future of Scholarly Communication: The Role of Preprint Peer Review, online - slides & recording

This week:
6-7 Sept - Charleston In-Between: Peer Review Challenges and Opportunities, online - register

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Don’t forget to join the Slack Community!

If you’ve not already done so then check out our new PREreview Slack community! A place to connect with like-minded peers and participate in brave conversations that challenge the status quo around all things peer review.

Join the conversation!

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