Welcome to the March 2024 edition of the PREreview newsletter and Happy International Women's Day to all our community members! We continuously strive to inspire greater inclusion by providing all researchers with a way to find a voice and engage in peer review, empowered with the skills to recognize and fight bias. Read on to find the latest updates to PREreview.org, upcoming events, and news from our community. There’s plenty to get involved in this month and so much more on the horizon for 2024

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Make your PREreview activity visible on ORCID

Big news! Did you know? PREreview.org can now write to ORCID! We’ve recently upgraded our ORCID membership so we can more fully credit your contributions to open, peer preprint review by sharing your public PREreviews to your ORCID profile.

The next time you log in to PREreview.org, visit your "My Details" page and click on "Connect ORCID profile." Then you’ll be prompted to allow PREreview.org to share your public review activity with ORCID.

PREreview will not connect your pseudonymous profile or activity with your public PREreview profile or ORCID ID.

New multiple-authors workflow for your collaborative reviews!

When you publish a PREreview, you’ll now be able to share with us the email addresses of co-authors who contributed to the work. After that, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s a great time to start your next collaborative review or to start a club for your group peer review activities in the future!

Remember, preprint authors from bioRxiv, SciELO, and beyond are now requesting feedback on their work on the #request-a-review channel of our community Slack. Check it out and start a review today to help out fellow researchers in our community.

Up next: we’re working hard to improve recommendation and search on PREreview.org in 2024! Check out the #community-feedback channel on our Slack to let us know what you’d like to be able to discover on our site.

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PREreview and JMIR Publications are joining forces to explore ways to improve the traditional peer-review process by engaging the research community in a series of Live Reviews.

We will be hosting our next event on Thursday, March 28 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UTC (Find your local time)

Together we’ll be discussing this preprint:

Reevaluation of the Variable Component of the Systematic Error Calls for Paradigm Change in Clinical Laboratory Quality Control - by Atilla Barna Vandra

Participants have the option to help author the final review and to be recognized for their efforts.

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Meet our first PREreview Champions!

The PREreview Champions Program is a cohort program aimed at empowering exceptional community members to expand the mission of PREreview and better support systematically disadvantaged scientists around the world to engage in the peer review process. You can read more about the program goals, expectations, and benefits in our earlier blog post.

The selection process was tough but we are thrilled to announce our first cohort and look forward to working closely with them over the coming months.

We plan to run more cohorts in the future so please don’t worry if you were not chosen or did not get around to applying this year, there will be more opportunities to do so. We also welcome anyone to contact us with any proposal for collaboration on mission-aligned activities and let’s see how we can work together!

Image advertising the Year of Open Science culminating conference which is taking place from March 21-22, 2024

Join the Center for Open Science, in collaboration with NASA, for the Year of Open Science Culminating Conference on March 21-22, 2024. The conference will bring together key stakeholders, including U.S. federal agencies, funders, international policymakers, universities, and research institutions.
Explore plenary sessions, lightning talks, and organizational stories, all focused on advancing open science policies and practices.

PREreview Director and co-founder, Daniela Saderi, will be presenting as part of the culminating conference. Additionally, members of the PREreview team including Daniela, Chad Sansing, and Monica Granados will be acting as Experts and Coaches for the Nebula Cohort, the first of four cohorts of people who will go through the Open Science 101 Curriculum developed by NASA-TOPS and community members.

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Highlights from the Slack Community

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Recent Events


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