Happy Friday! Here’s the latest update from PREreview.org.

What’s new at PREreview?

As we continue our work to overhaul the design of PREreview.org, we’ve also been busy finding ways to showcase more of the work being done by our community. For example, we’re exploring how we might display recent reviews and spotlight their authors on the homepage.

What’s next?

In addition to more design work, we’ll be restoring some old reviews that got stuck, so to speak, between older versions of the site, as well as working to make small improvements in how we display reviews and in our Full PREreview text editor.

Let us know what you think

Our April community design sprints are almost here! Subscribe to our newsletter for more information about these participatory workshops. We’ll be compensating sprint participants whenever possible.

We’ve moved our next round of community calls to May. We’ll talk more about upcoming changes to our Rapid PREreview feature during those calls. Registration details will follow in later weeknotes and in our March newsletter.

Remember that you can also always give feedback in small-group or 1:1 settings by signing up for a 30-minute interview with Chad Sansing, Product Manager at PREreview.org. If you can’t find a time that works for you, please email Chad to arrange a call. Whenever possible, we compensate interviewees.

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