Welcome to the newest weeknote from PREreview.org!

What’s new at PREreview?

This week we launched our brand new request-a-review feature. Many thanks to our collaborators at COAR, bioRxiv, and SciELO Preprints , as well as to Arcadia and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative for supporting this work! You can learn more about how to request a PREreview from any preprint you submit to bioRxiv or SciELO Preprints here.

We’ve also:

  • Added a few touches to the UI to remind new users to complete their profiles.
  • Updated our Trainings page.
  • Added back our Resources page.
  • Started exploring how best to write PREreviewers’ activity to the peer review section of their ORCID profiles.

What’s next?

We hope to pilot the process we’ll use to write PREreviewers’ peer review activity to their ORCID profiles before the end of the year. Then we can launch the feature for everyone early in 2024.

After that, we’ll get back to our search overhaul, begin localization and translation work for Portuguese and Spanish, begin work on a more automated process for adding additional authors, continue developing our COAR Notify integrations, and start a discovery process for optimizing more of the site for different audiences.

Let us know what you think

You can always share your PREreview.org experience by scheduling a user research interview with Product Manager Chad Sansing. Click here to sign up for a chat. If you can’t find a time that works for you, please email Chad to arrange a call. Whenever possible, we compensate interviewees.

You can also give us your feedback on on the #community-feedback channel of our community Slack.

Stay connected

Our end-of-year fund-raising campaign started on Giving Tuesday. Please consider supporting open, peer preprint review for all researchers at PREreview.org. We know that times are difficult and any amount is greatly appreciated.

Join us next week for our last weeknote of 2023!

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