PREreview logo, white on a red background. Writing says: Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 2024-2-26
PREreview Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 2024-2-26

2024 Quarter 1: 02 FEBRUARY 2024 / 9AM PST / 12PM EST / 5PM GMT


Monica Granados, Sarah Greaves, Samantha Hindle, Kristen Ratan, Daniela Saderi


Review of meeting objectives

  1. Gain an overview of PREreview’s finances and main achievements over the past 12 months
  2. Share PREreview’s 2024 Objectives and Key Results
  3. Identify strengths and weaknesses of PREreview organizational membership model draft, as well as main target audiences
  4. Finalize a plan for AC members recruitment

Updates and Reports

  • 2023 at a glance
  • Referenced the 2023  annual report
  • Key updates from Product team:
  • Platform redesign with community input - mainly workflow updates
  • Key updates from Community team:
  • New community Slack, Champion’s Program
  • 2024 Overview of Objectives and Key Results
  • Increase global engagement with PREreview
  • Establish process for community input
  • Integrate PREreview workflows, e.g. COAR Notify integration
  • Financials and Diversifying our Revenue
  • Revenue so far, annual budget, and current fundraising activities
  • Question raised about our current relationship with different stakeholders and defining our goals with respect to this.
  • Organizational Membership Model - discussed how to reach certain stakeholders/audiences
  • Governance - responsibilities and roles

Action Items

  1. Notify PREreview Leadership if current AC members decline renewal of AC responsibilities
  2. Finalize and publish meeting minutes
  3. Executive Director send update on grant progress
  4. AC to help PREreview spread the word about AC nominations
  5. AC to help with interview process for new AC members
  6. PREreview Leadership write a plan for AC interview process and outline involvement