Preprint Journal Club: In partnership with PREreview. Join us on Wednesday, June 17, 5pm BST.
Image by eLife.

Tomorrow is the launch of an eLife and PREreview Preprint Journal Club Series! This monthly series offers space for a lively international discussion around recent open access scientific manuscript drafts, called preprints. These preprints have not yet received editorial peer review. In fact, this is why we are gathering - to collaboratively review the preprint as a community, so that both the author can integrate our constructive criticism into their final manuscript and the journal editors can decide if this preprint will continue onto editorial review.

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST, eLife and PREreview will kick-off the Preprint Journal Club Series with Livraghi et al.'s preprint, 'The gene cortex controls scale colour identity in Heliconius'. For this look at how butterflies get their wing patterns, we will collaboratively use a combination of verbal and written feedback to discuss the strengths and concerns of the preprint towards improving the manuscript. This Preprint Journal Club will be guided by experienced facilitators in a safe and constructive environment. Best of all, the review will be assigned a DOI and you will get credit for the review!

Ready to participate? Start by registering (required) at this link and we will send you sign-in details for the event: