Color photograph of two children seen from the back who are raising their hand toward a glowing globe at what is presumably a NASA-organized event. More people in the background.
Become a PREreview Advisory Committee Member. Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center CC BY 2.0

We are excited to announce an incredible opportunity for passionate individuals to contribute to advancing open and equitable scholarship globally! PREreview invites applications for our volunteer Advisory Committee, and we want you to participate in this transformative journey.

What is PREreview?

PREreview is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science and Society, a 501(c)(3) registered in the United States. PREreview’s mission is to bring more equity and transparency to scholarly peer review by supporting and empowering communities of researchers—particularly those at early stages of their career and historically excluded—to review preprints in a process that is rewarding to them. To fulfill this mission, we take an integrative approach that combines community building, training and mentorship, and people-centered technological solutions.

Why Join the Advisory Committee?

By joining PREreview's Advisory Committee, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of open and equitable scholarship and peer review. Serving on the Advisory Committee is a unique opportunity to influence policies, guide initiatives, and contribute to building a more inclusive and accessible scholarly ecosystem.

Who Are We Looking For?

We seek two individuals passionate about open scholarship, who can offer diverse perspectives, and share a commitment to improving the peer review process. For one of the two positions we are specifically recruiting a Treasurer.

Whether you are a researcher, educator, advocate, or professional in the field, if you share our vision for transparent and community-driven peer review, we want to hear from you!

In particular, we seek individuals having experience in the following areas:

  • Fundraising: Assist in fundraising efforts by leveraging connections and participating in donor cultivation. Advocate for the project's cause to potential donors and grantmakers. Review and provide feedback on grant proposals.
  • Strategic Planning: Work with the project's leadership team to develop a comprehensive plan for the organization’s strategic direction and priorities.
  • Advocacy: Raise awareness about PREreview’s mission by connecting the project’s leadership team with potential partners, and other stakeholders who can support and amplify the organization's mission.
  • Finances (Treasurer only)*: Work with the Executive Director to oversee the organization's finances, including budgeting, financial reporting, and adherence to financial policies.

To learn more about this role and what you can expect please refer to our Advisory Committee Handbook.

*PREreview is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science and Society, Inc. (CS&S). CS&S has a financial team who provides enormous support to our organization and is responsible for our finances. The Treasurer is not legally responsible for PREreview’s finances, but is there to support leadership in summarizing financial reports for the rest of the committee, advising on budget allocations and overseeing annual budgeting, which happens once a year between May and June.

How to Apply

To be considered to join us as an Advisory Committee member in this round of recruitment, please fill out this Application Form. The application will ask a bit about your background, previous engagement with PREreview, and what unique perspective you can bring to the Advisory Committee. If you know of someone who would be perfect for this role, please share this blog post with them!

Join us on this exciting journey towards reimagining peer review in the era of open science and scholarship! Your voice matters; together, we can create a more collaborative and equitable scholarly environment.

What to Expect

Our recruitment process is a combination of self-initiated applications and invitations to apply sent directly to people in our network who we believe would make an ideal Advisory Committee Member given our current needs. Receiving an invitation to apply from us does not guarantee you will be selected.

Applications for this recruitment round will close on April 12, 2024.

Members of the current PREreview Advisory Committee will begin reviewing applications following the closing date using a scoring rubric system. Expect to hear from our team by April 19.

Our goal is to welcome two new members to our Advisory Committee and fully onboard them by the end of Q2 2024.

Please note that this is a volunteer position. The initial term of office for members of the Advisory Committee is three years. Advisory Committee members can be granted an additional two-year term, subject to the approval of the majority of Advisory Committee members. An individual Advisory Committee member is allowed to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, totaling five years.

Stay Connected

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We’re delighted to welcome new members to our Advisory Committee and work together to better support our community!

Thank you for your commitment to open science and the future of scholarly communication!


We thank Dr. Kari Jordan for her help in framing our governance and shaping our Advisory Committee recruitment process. We also thank our current members of our Advisory Committee, Kristen Ratan and Sarah Greaves for their ongoing support and commitment to the long-term success of our organization.