Red rectangle with white PREreview logo, white icon of a glowing light-bulb with a brain inside, and white text saying: Join our next design sprint to help us shape your organization's engagement with PREreview. Event 1: April 10, 2024 9am UTC -; Event 2: April 10, 2024 4pm UTC -

Call for organizations to join us in our next design sprint and help us shape our new Organizational Membership Model.

If you are a representative of a Philanthropy, a Government branch, a Research Institute/Organization, a University, a Publisher, or another Open Science Project, and you believe in a future of community-led, open, and equitable scholarship, we want to hear from you.

We are hosting this event twice to accommodate different regions of the globe.

Event 1: April 10, 9-10am UTC - find your local time

Event 2: April 10, 4-5pm UTC - find your local time

Why an organizational membership model?

PREreview's mission is to bring more equity and transparency to scholarly peer review by supporting and empowering communities of researchers to review preprints in a process that is rewarding to them.

While philanthropy has served as PREreview's primary funding source since its establishment in 2017, depending exclusively on this model proves unsustainable in the long run and limits our ability to authentically represent the diversity within the communities we serve.

One of our top goals over the next 5 years is to reach a more sustainable and participatory revenue model that continues to center our values while enhancing collaborations with existing and new value-aligned partners to foster distributed support for our initiatives and communities.

We hope that our new organizational membership model, the Equitable Review Network, will help us foster meaningful and long-lasting collaborations with other organizations, allowing for values, goals, and incentives to align.

What to expect at the event

Expect to join a 1h-long facilitated, structured call via which you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Share your goals for an open and equitable scholarship;
  • Share which existing offerings of PREreview would be most important to you as a PREreview member;
  • Share where extra support would be most important to you;
  • Share your take on which areas of future development would interest you most as a PREreview member;
  • and more!

*While we typically compensate individual researchers for joining our product design sprints, for this particular one we are not able to offer compensation for your time.

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